Who we are


The LADICIM, Laboratory of the Division of Materials Science and Engineering, was born in 1983-84 at the initiative of the teaching staff of the Area of ​​Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. LADICIM is an R&D group of the University of Cantabria, based in the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports of Santander.


Research, technology transfer and training are the three basic pillars that define the activity of LADICIM. In the field of research or knowledge generation, LADICIM develops R & D & I projects with competitive public funding at regional, national and European level. The services of characterization, advice and applied research that LADICIM offers to companies constitute the space of transfer or application of knowledge. The funding received from both areas has allowed and allows the acquisition of the laboratory equipment of the LADICIM.


The fields of application and knowledge generation are interrelated through the so-called methodological spiral. According to this scheme, the research carried out in the generation field allows generating new knowledge that is subsequently transferred to the private sector through collaboration agreements with companies, within the scope of application. These two spaces feed each other, increasing over time the range of services offered from the LADICIM.

Clients and collaborators

In its more than thirty years of activity, LADICIM has consolidated a large portfolio of clients at national and European level, including both private companies and public research institutions and centers.

Since 2016, LADICIM and the Sviluppo Materiali Center, CSM, have established a stable collaboration agreement designed to take advantage of the complementary scientific and technical capabilities that these entities offer.


The LADICIM currently has a permanent staff of 18 people, including technicians, researchers and administration staff. The distribution of the degrees is presented in the following figure while the attached table allows access to the profile of each of the staff members.

Israel Sosa

Responsible Research Technician accredited mechanical laboratory

Diego Ferreño

Research professor. Communication and Transfer Manager, Biomaterials Coordinator

Soraya Diego

Research Technician Responsible for the non-accredited mechanical laboratory

Organizational structure


The LADICIM has implemented a quality assurance system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, being accredited byENAC for the testing of metallic materials (active and passive reinforcements for concrete and sidewalk and roadway records) and track fasteners for high-speed rail (AVE). As a result of its philosophy and the quality of its work, the LADICIM was awarded the UNIVERSITY-COMPANY award in the 2005 call, promoted by the Spanish Network of University-Company Foundations (redfue).