Roberto Lacalle

Research professor

Roberto Lacalle Calderón is a Road, Channel and Port Engineer from UC (2004) and a Doctor from the same University (2012). As a researcher he has participated in numerous competitive projects at regional, national and European level. He is also co-founder of the technology-based spin-off INESCO INGENIEROS, of which he has been a director since 2008. He is currently Associate Professor at UC.


Structural integrity of components. Application of design codes. Mechanical characterization of materials through miniature tests. Software development for structural integrity. Failure analysis of industrial structures and components.


R. Lacalle, J.A. Álvarez, F. Gutiérrez-Solana. Analysis of Key Factors for the Interpretation of Small Punch Test Results. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures. Vol. 31, 2008, Pages 841-849.
R. Lacalle, S. Cicero, D. Ferreño, J.A. Álvarez. Failure Analysis of a Bolt in a Scaffolding System. Engineering Failure Analysis. Vol. 15, 2008, Pages 237-246.
S. Cicero, R. Lacalle, R. Cicero. Estimation of the Maximum Allowable Lack of Penetration Defects in Circumferential Butt Welds of Structural Tubular Towers”. Engineering Structures. Vol. 31, 2009, Pages 2123-2131.
M. Scibetta, D. Ferreño, I. Gorrochategui, R. Lacalle, E. van Walle, J. Martín and F. Gutiérrez-Solana. Characterisation of the fracture properties in the ductile to brittle transition region of the weld material of a reactor pressure vessel. Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 411, Issues 1-3, April 2011, Pages 25-40.
R. Lacalle, S. Cicero, J.A. Álvarez, R. Cicero, V. Madrazo. On the Analysis of the Causes of Craking in a Wind Tower. Engineering Failure Analysis, Volume 18, Issue 7, 2011, Pages 1698–1710.


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