Sergio Cicero

Research professor. * Head of Research

Road, Channel and Port Engineer from UC (2002, Honors), Doctor from the same university (2007, Extraordinary Doctorate Award and UC Social Council Award) and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (2007, UC). He entered the LADICIM in 2002, and during his predoctoral stage he conducted research stays at the Swinden Technology Center (Rotherham, United Kingdom) and at the GKSS Forschungszentrum (Geesthacht, Germany). In 2010 he acceded to the position of Professor of the University, carrying out most of his teaching activity at the School of Civil Engineers of the UC. He is a principal investigator in projects of the National Plan, of the VII Framework Program of the EU and of collaboration with companies.

Since 2008 he is Managing Director of the Leonardo Torres-Quevedo Foundation.


Structural integrity of components, mainly in relation to fracture processes, plastic collapse and material fatigue. Development of methods for evaluating cracked and notched structures. Failure analysis


Cicero, S., Madrazo, V., García, T., Cuervo, J., Ruiz, E., On the notch effect in load bearing capacity, apparent fracture toughness and fracture mechanisms of polymer PMMA, aluminium alloy Al7075-T651 and structural steels S275JR and S355J2, Engineering Failure Analysis 29, pp. 108-121, 2013
Cicero, S., Madrazo, V., Carrascal, I.A., Analysis of notch effect in PMMA using the Theory of Critical Distances, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 86, pp. 56-72, 2012
Cicero, S., Madrazo, V., Carrascal, I.A., Cicero, R., Assessment of notched structural components using Failure Assessment Diagrams and the Theory of Critical Distances, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 78 (16), pp. 2809-2825, 2011
Cicero, S., Ainsworth, R.A., Gutiérrez-Solana, F., Engineering approaches for the assessment of low constraint fracture conditions: A critical review, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 77 (8), pp. 1360-1374, 2010
Cicero, S., Gutiérrez-Solana, F., Álvarez, J.A., Structural integrity assessment of components subjected to low constraint conditions, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 75 (10), pp. 3038-3059, 2008


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