Ana Cimentada Hernández

Doctor from the University of Cantabria

After defending the thesis entitled “Experimental analysis in reduced model of radial consolidation and deformation of an improved soft soil with gravel columns” obtaining the qualification of Outstanding cum Laude. Roads, Canals and Ports Engineer, specializing in Structures.

My research interest is mainly focused on the field and materials engineering sector, where I have developed most of my research and professional career, starting as a predoctoral fellow of the Department of Land and Materials Science and Engineering (DCITYM) from the University of Cantabria (UC), and subsequently serving as head of the Department of R & D & I, and engineer of the Department of Geotechnics of the company TRIAX, at the same time that I have carried out teaching work in the UC as associate professor at DCITYM.

My main line of research has focused on soft soil improvement treatments through the use of gravel columns, the main object of my doctoral thesis, and subsequently, in the revaluation of waste for use in construction, having participated in 5 projects of research as a researcher at UC and leading a research project, of public cofinancing.

As for the teaching experience, between 2004 and 2009 I have performed support work for teaching in the subjects taught by the geotechnical group with venia docendi, and between 2011 and 2013, as a teacher associated with the same group.

After obtaining the degree of doctor, I have been a beneficiary of the Torres Quevedo subprogram of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, for the incorporation of doctors into the business sector, being hired as principal investigator in the project “Development of concrete and mixtures bituminous with industrial waste enhanced with nanoparticles ”participated by the UC and a group of companies.