José Adolfo Saiz-Aja

Road, Channel and Port Engineer from UC (2009-2014)

studying for a year at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) (2012-2013), he complemented his studies with the International Master in Technology, Rehabilitation and Building Management (2015) for which he began collaborating in tasks of Research with the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (LADICIM). Currently, a PhD student in Civil Engineering developing his thesis “Recycling of traditional track for the manufacture of plaque track”.

Lines of investigation:

  • Design and characterization of cement-based materials, focused on recycled concrete and self-compacting concrete.
  • Railway System Mechanical Behavior
  • Mechanical behavior of biological materials
  • Numerical simulation by Finite Elements of mechanical, thermomechanical, fracture processes, etc.

Selected Publications

  • Orientation of whole bone samples of small rodents matters during bending tests. Diego Ferreño, José A. Sainz-Aja, Isidro A. Carrascal, Soraya Diego, Estela Ruiz, José A. Casado, José A. Riancho, Carolina Sañudo, Federico Gutiérrez-Solana
  • Study of the microstructure of femoral patients with hip osteoarthritis and hip fracture by microCT. Sainz-Aja Guerra J.A., Alonso M.A., Ferreño Blanco D., Pérez-Núñez M.I., Ruiz Martínez E., García-Ibarbia C., Casado del Prado J.A., Gutiérrez-Solana F., Riancho J.A.