The director of LADICIM gives a seminar on mechanical characterization of biological tissues

Professor José Antonio Casado has presented in the Master's Degree in Structural Integrity the progress of the research developed in collaboration with the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital

The professor at the University of Cantabria and director of the Laboratory of the Materials Science and Engineering Division (LADICIM) of the University of Cantabria, José Antonio Casado del Prado, has given this week one of the specialized seminars of the XII Master University in Integrity and Durability of Materials, Components and Structures.


Under the title ‘Mechanical behavior in biological materials’, the session was held on Wednesday, May 22, and in it Professor Casado presented the results of collaborative research projects between LADICIM and different research groups at the University of Cantabria (UC), particularly those linked to the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital. Among them, those focused on cardiovascular surgery and bone and mineral metabolism stand out. The studies carried out focus on the analysis of the mechanical resistance of various tissues, as well as the identification of the micromechanisms involved in the breakage processes.


The director of LADICIM has an outstanding teaching career of more than 25 years and its main line of research is focused on the study of the mechanical behavior of polymers, composite materials and biological materials.

The Master’s program, taught jointly by the University of Cantabria and Oviedo, provides students with comprehensive training focused on the analysis of the behavior of industrial materials and components. The main objective is train specialist technicians capable of leading future scientific and technological innovations. These professionals will be key in increasing safety in the service of industrial components and installations, preventing failures and accidents, increasing the useful life of the installations and optimizing the use of available materials.

The master, coordinated by the doctor engineer from LADICIM Borja Arroyo, offers a solid theoretical-practical training in key areas of structural integrity, such as the behavior of materials, breakage mechanisms, joining and protection methods or failure analysis, among other topics. The studies include a series of seminars given by expert teachers or researchers in fields related to the theme of the program.

Top level speakers

Roberto Miguel, Calculation and Design engineer at the Nuclear Equipment company (ENSA) On Monday, May 20, the seminars opened with the presentation ‘Risk Analysis’. He explained the calculation and analysis methods to guarantee the structural integrity of the components of nuclear fission plants. Later, the doctors Iñaki Gorrochategui and Sergio Sádaba They presented the talk ‘Nuclear fusion reactors’. Gorrochategui es responsible for the Nuclear Engineering section of IDOM and doctor in Civil, Canal and Port Engineering from the UC and Sádaba is a CAE engineer at IDOM Nuclear Services.

On Tuesday the 22nd, the protagonist was Dr. Marta Serrano, head of the Energy Materials Division of the CIEMAT Technology Department. His presentation addressed the structural integrity of nuclear fission vessels, area in which he has coordinated numerous international projects over the last 20 years. His research has focused on the effect of irradiation on mechanical properties and the development of materials for GenIV and fusion reactors.

The person in charge of closing the sessions has been Alvaro Rodriguez, director of Innovation at the CTC Technology Center, who gave this Thursday, May 23, the presentation ‘Application of fracture mechanics in marine renewable energies’. Rodriguez is Industrial Engineer and Master in Automotive Industry from the University of Cantabria (UC) and stands out in structural design, marine corrosion evaluation and marine renewable energies. He has led more than 15 R&D projects in this field.

The seminars have been held in the LADICIM Classroom of the Higher Technical School of Civil, Canal and Port Engineers of the UC.