Electric arc furnace slag in concrete

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Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering

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Morteros y hormigones


Electric arc furnace slag in concrete

Manso, J.M. | González, J.J. | Polanco Madrazo, Juan Antonio |


This paper describes the work carried out in laboratory to produce concrete with good properties using oxidizing electric arc furnace (EAF) slag as fine and coarse aggregate. To do this, the slag obtained in the steelmaking process must be crushed and stabilized. First, a suitable mortar must be made and tested. Next, several mixes of concrete are designed in order to analyze their strength and properties. From the results obtained, it can be deduced that this concrete can be produced for use in a wide range of applications in civil engineering and construction. Studies and tests were performed on the durability of these concretes showing an acceptable behavior against aggressive environments. Finally, some leaching tests were carried out in order to verify their environmental compatibility

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