Abrasive wear evolution in concrete pavements

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Road Materials and Pavement Design

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Abrasive wear evolution in concrete pavements

García A. | Castro-Fresno D. | Polanco J.A. | Thomas C. |


Abrasion of a concrete pavement is habitually due to the continued movement of wheels on the concrete surface. Starting from the theoretical model developed by Horszczaruk, this paper proposes the development of a new model, which expresses the material volume loss as a function of the work done by the wheel and the total abrasion time, as well as the composition of the concrete. For the verification of the model, samples of an experimental pavement were used, in which a dry shaking treatment with corundum had been applied. Finally, with this model an engineer could predict the concrete pavement lifetime from the parameters of the concrete and its traffic characteristics. © 2012 Taylor & Francis.

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