Electric arc furnace slag and its use hydraulic concrete

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Electric arc furnace slag and its use hydraulic concrete

Idoia Arribas | Amaia Santamaría | Estela Ruiz | Vanesa Ortega-López | Juan M. Manso |


Electric arc furnace oxidizing slag (EAFS) is a by-product of the steelmaking industry, generated after the
melting and the preliminary acid refining of liquid steel. It is a stony material that is easy to crush for use
as aggregate in concrete mixes.
This study examines the long-term aging reactions of EAFS and its volumetric stability, to gain further
knowledge of this by-product, its behaviour as a construction material, and its inherent risk of swelling.
Additionally, the good compressive strength of hydraulic mixes that incorporate this slag can be analyzed
and explained on the basis of its steady and expansive compounds and its chemical evolution over time in
the interfacial transition zone (ITZ); the appearance of calcium carbonate enhances the cohesiveness,
stiffness and strength of this zone and, as a consequence, of the hydraulic concrete.

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