Effect of dry-shaking treatment on concrete pavement properties

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Effect of dry-shaking treatment on concrete pavement properties

García, A. | Castro-Fresno, D. | Polanco Madrazo, Juan Antonio |


Although concrete pavements are the preferred solution of contractors for floors in industrial applications, comparatively little research has been done in this field. In this paper, six different experimental pavements with different types of concrete surface finishes have been studied from the point of view of the effect of dry-shaking treatment. The different surface finishes analyzed include hand finishing, repeated power finishing without spreading dry-shaking hardeners on the concrete and spreading chippings of iron filings, corindon, quartz and cement on it. The tests have been focused on the main requirements of an industrial pavement: abrasion resistance, impact and chemical attack resistance focusing on the most common type of chemical aggression in industry. Water penetration has been studied too. The results indicate that dry-shaking treatments are in general beneficial for the pavements and, moreover, that different types of hardeners produce very different effects on the pavement characteristics

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